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Added April 2021:

Sorry Gamine and Vignale enthousiasts: Nothing much new on the site since over a decade… BUT: with help from owners in the UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, we were able to find 540 Gamines in 29 countries! Off course when Gamines get exported, they might be double in the Register. So we DO need your help: please fill out the PDF of the Register, include your chassis number and send it to us. So far, we have 245 chassis numbers already!

Download registration PDF:

·        Italian/English

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 Added February 2000:

  • New french Gamine

Added February 1999:



Added January 1999:

Also thanks to Christian Schmitt!!



Added December 1998: OVER 30 GAMINES FROM GERMANY !!!

Many thanks to Christian Schmitt from the German Fiat 500 & Gamine IG !


Added August 1998:

New Dutch Gamine, imported from Italy by Marcel Voet


Added July 1998:

painting at 'Parkeerbeheer Rotterdam'

Added June 1998:


Red Austrian Gamine => FOR SALE!

·        The Gamine, the gambling king and the tank

Gamine story by Andrew Adamides, Cyprus Mail.

Recently restored German Gamine

Red German Gamine at the Vehikel-Sammlung Eppelheim

Red Italian Gamine

Added May 1998:

·        Java applet to search the Gamine pages!

Added April 1998:

·        Greek Gamine for sale!


1970 Coral Orange Gamine owned by Neil McCabe - UK

Added March 1998:

Added Februari 1998:


  • 39 more cars built/designed by Vignale!!
    [mainly contributed by Albrecht Heinrici]


Added January 1998:

  • -logo
  • 46 different cars built/designed by Vignale!!

 Added 12 December 1997:

[Thanks to Will Kerbo]

Added 9 December 1997:


Both owned by Jérôme ROUGÉ of the
'Club Fiat 500 de Perpignan'

Added 22 November 1997:

Added 9 November 1997:

Added 9 November 1997:

Built in 1968, new owner will import it to Holland!

Added 1 November 1997:

  • Short story and pictures of Routes Des Vosges - Plombières les Bains - France. The Gamine even won a trophee!!


  • Gamine-dashboard-switches navigation bar:


Added 28 October 1997:


    [Pictures by Cees van der Zee, Thanks!]

Added 12 September 1997:

It is from 1968 and has only two owners. Driven 85.000 km. Only one in Denmark.
It is in very good condition, red with black top and interior.

Added 25 July 1997:

  • Gamines Varia Postcard:

[Try to count them...!]

  • More Gamines at Garlenda 1997:

5 More Gamines at the 4+5 July 1997
Fiat 500 Anniversary at Garlenda - Italy
[Thank you Claudio!]

Added 21 July 1997:

2 Gamines during the 4+5 July Fiat 500 Anniversary at Garlenda - Italy
[Again thank you Bruno!]

Added 18 July 1997:

London nightclub owner, Peter Stringfellow, has owned many exotic cars. Michael Harvey was amazed at his latest purchase.

Added 17 July 1997:

Added 7 July 1997:

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 Added 30 June 1997:

Added 5 May 1997:

Added 18 April 1997:

Added 12 April 1997:

Added 25 March 1997:


    In the Sixties there was an unsuccessful attempt to sell Vignale-Fiats in the UK, Cris Rees tells the bizarre tale