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April 2021: 540 Gamines in 29 countries:



By joining this Club, you will help to
virtually unite the remaining Gamines!




This Gamine website was created in 1997, in order to find out about production numbers.
Unfortunately, that information was lost when after Alfredo Vignale sold his Carrozzeria to De Tomaso.

Starting May 2020, with help from owners in the UK, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, we were able to virtually unite 540 Gamines in 29 countries!

Off course when Gamines get exported, they might be double in The Gamine Register. So we DO need your help: please fill out the PDF of the Register, include your chassis number and send it to us.


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To become a member and access The Gamine Register,
please send the PDF + picture(s) of your Gamine to:

Virtual Vignale Gamine Club