Vignale 124/Eveline

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The F. Demetriou Group presents the Vignale-Fiat 124 Coupé

A truly winning combination

Vignale, the world-renowned Italian designer and coachbuilder, has been awarded the
Golden Mercury, the "Oscar" of European commerce for his car styling. Fiat won the
Car or the Year award for their 124 model. The Vignale-Fiat 124 Coupé is therefore a
uniquely winning combination. The truly beautiful proportions of this car, with its
flared fastback incorporating a "picture" window, are the essence of Italian styling at
its highest level. Though termed as a coupé, its reclining front bucket seats and contoured
rear seats provide armchair comfort for four people, with ample room in the large boot
for all the luggage. And the Fiat 124 engine and chassis offer an unmatched
combination of performance and safety, economy and reliability.


BODY: Two-door all-steel body giving armchair
seating for four; wide-opening doors with rear
warning lights; electric window lifts; opening front
quarter lights; door armrests; fully-reclining front
seats; contoured rear seats with companion box
and ashtray between; hinged rear quarter lights;
grab handles; three courtesy lights; dipping rear-
view mirror; lockable glove box; parcel shelf;
wood-rimmed steering wheel; heater with booster
fan; concealed interior release for boot catch;
boot light; lockable petrol filler cap; twin head-
lights; wraparound bumpers front and rear.
Choice of 16 colours including six metallic, and
five upholstery colours. A Standard model of the
124 Coupé is available without electric window
lifts, wood-rimmed steering wheel or metallic
TECHNICAL DATA front mounted four-cylinder
1197cc engine, compression ratio 8.8:1, 65hp (SAE), five-bearing camshaft, twin-choke carburettor, recirculating exhaust system. Four synchronised forward gears. Disc brakes all round with braking effort distribution valve. No greasing enquired.


length 13ft 6in, width 4ft 10in
height: 4ft 5 1/2in., fuel tank 8 1/2
gallons (approx.)

Sole importers and distributors
of Vignale-Fiat cars in the
United Kingdom and lreland:-
73/9 Queensway, London W2
Tel : 01-229-9266/7
Cables : Demetrosi London W2

A member of the F. Demetriou Group of Companies

Your local dealer:-

Descriptions and illustrations on this leaflet are indicative only. F. Demetriou & Son Ltd. reserves the right to introduce at any time and without public announcement modifications to improve the models described, or for any other commercial or constructional reason.

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Belgian FIAT 124S Vignale

Owner: Paul Van der Straeten

Email: [email protected]

Chassisnr: 0535122

Enginenr: 124 B2 000 0532256

Partsnr: 1816
This number can be found on all body parts. It is inscripted on an aluminium badge under the hood

Year: 1971
First registration in Belgium: 1974.
This is probably also the car's first registration; the cars did not sell well and had to wait far too long at the reseller before being sold.

Paul bought his car in 1992 and has restored it completely.
When he bought his car it had driven 68.000 km's.

Additional information:

At the lock of the left door an aluminium badge with the number 5183 is attached. Paul does not now the purpose of this number and welcomes any extra information.

At both sides of the car -underneath the Vignale badge- a badge with "special export" can be found. This badge is also attached to the dashboard.

Apparently this car is a special version of the 124 Vignale. Paul has traced some other models, but all these were build on the floorpan of a Fiat 124 sedan. His car is build on the floorpan of a Fiat 124 special. This implies that the dashboard of this 124S is different from the dashboard of a 'standard' Vignale 124. The engine is a 1438CC with underhead cam-shaft [?] and dubble carburettors. The rear axle is fixed differently and the car has electrical side-windows. Also the external finishing shows differences: the chromework is largely different as well as the license plate at the front and the rear lights.

The cars Paul traced are located in the UK [imported from Italy] and in France.

Parts/pictures needed:

As mentioned above, the car is fully restored to its original condition. Paul does need a new rear bumper; the original one was unrestorably rusted & is only painted at this time. Secondly he is looking for a picture of the original dashboard of the 124S; the former owner had alternated it substantially [...]. Until now Paul was not even able to find a photo of a complete 124S-dashboard...

More images of Paul's car:


1967 Australian Vignale 124/Eveline

Owner: Philip Buggee

Chassisnr: IGM46000M (124A 0372775)

Enginenr: 124A 000 037 2641

Color: Mustard

History: The pictures above are from the day Philip first found it in South Australia some 800kms from his home.Further history is unknown but he is seeking it's Australian History.

Information: Philip would like to receive any further production information anybody can supply. He is also looking for parts-books or copy of [body-]parts listings.

Email: [email protected]




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